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Nick’s Cycling Challenge Update

Nick’s challenge – The Fred Whitton Challenge 2018

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Strava Training Log

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w/c 12/5/18

Thank you to everyone who as sponsored me so far, and the words of support and also the helpful advice!!  The total raised so far is £400, which I am very grateful for as Macmillan is a very worthwhile charity.

  • 98km on the road at about 29kph – but then the snow struck AGAIN.  So Sunday was completed on the TurboTrainer again. Had a good eveing ride with the Clare Cycling Club on the Wednesday where we did the winter route, but the wind was strong making it a bit more challenging the normal.

  • 34km on the TurboTrainer (You can only watch so many Top Gear re-runs)


I’m looking forward to the clocks changing with weekend, but could do with the weather changing so I can get some mileage in.  The Plan is to keep with the high tempo training, but to factor in some longer rides at lower intensity, as well as doing some hill climbs, which in Suffolk is not always easy (to find hills!).


w/c 5/2/18

  • 2 x 91km rides @ 29kph – Much better to be outside than on the Turbo Trainer.


w/c 26/2/18 (#thebeastfromtheeast week)

  • 4 x Turbo-trainer – distance – 151.4km (that is a lot of sitting on a bike in a room)
  • Sponsorship total – £45


w/c 19/2/18

  • 3 x Turbo-trainer – distance – 65.6km
  • 1 x Training ride – distance – 86.1km


w/c 12/2/18

  • 2 x Turbo-trainer – distance – 78km
  • 1 x Training ride – distance – 81.9km
  • 1 x Park Run – distance – 5km (that makes your legs hurt for a few days!!)


w/c 5/2/18

  • 2 x Turbo-trainer – distance – 48.3km
  • 1 x Training ride – distance – 101.2km


w/c 29/1/18

  • 2 x Turbo-trainer – distance – 66.9km
  • 1 x Training ride – distance – 100.4km


w/c 22/1/18

  • 3 x Turbo-trainer – distance – 91.9km
  • 1 x Training ride – distance – 60.6km



22/01/18 – Notification that I have got a place on the BEST/WORST sportive in Britain.


03/01/18 – Apply for the Fred Whitton Sportive – Due to the number of applications this is done via a lottery.

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