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Patient Satisfaction


Getting it right first time, every time.

We always try to get it right first time every time!  If however, if you feel we could have handled it better, then we would like to know, this will give us the chance to put it right and learn from your feedback for the future.  You can talk to any member of staff and the pharmacists about the situation and we will do our best to resolve it as soon as possible.

Please understand that we are governed by legal and best practice guidance from a number of different regulatory bodies, we may therefore not be able to meet your expectations as you require them at that point.  However, we will explain why and will do our best to direct you to the most appropriate service that will.  We are here 6 days a week to support you!

We would prefer to talk to you directly and resolve any issues straight away, but some times you need time to reflect on how best to approach the situation.  Below are a number of ways you can contact us or give us feedback if you do not feel comfortable talking to us directly.

Don’t forget, we like compliments as well, if you have had great service from our team them let us know.  We all like a pat on the back when we do well!