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Pharmacy2U have been sending out unsolicited letters to very one in the local postcode.  Their marketing is very cleaver (misleading).  This has lead to some patients not truly understanding what they are signing up.

Pharmacy2U are based in a large warehouse in Leeds.  They only post medication.  They offer no other value to the NHS.  They do not provide the wide range of services that a traditional Community Pharmacy like ours provides on behalf of the NHS, click here to find out more.  We rely on the dispensing of medication to remain a viable business, as this is they way the NHS has structured our income.  Without this we would not be able to provide the support services around the medication that patient find evaluable as well as the sale of some product you can only buy in registered pharmacies.


There is no quicker way to get your medication than from your local pharmacy, we keep a significant amount of stock of common items and we get twice daily deliveries from the three main wholesalers, so we are able to get the majority of medications usually quicker than 24hrs.  Some medications have supply issues currently and our staff work tirelessly to make sure we obtain these a quickly as possible, or where there is none available work with the prescriber to obtain the best alternative.  We are open from 9am to 1pm & 1pm to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm & 1pm to 5pm on a Saturday.  We are in the centre of Clare, and although parking can be a little bit of an issue there is usually plenty to go around.  We offer a TEXT/Voice phone service to let you know when your prescription is ready so you can avoid a wasted journey.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a delivery service as the NHS will not fund it, Pharmacy2U are able to as they employ very view people, work out of a warehouse and don’t offer any other services (it offers poor value for money to the NHS).

Some patients mistakenly think that their local surgery is promoting the services provided by Pharmacy 2U, or that they are offering services on behalf of Clare Pharmacy. This is NOT the case and you are under no obligation to receive your NHS medicines from them, please note they see this document as a contract between you and them.  Once your signed up it can be very difficult to escape (we know we’ve tried to help patients).

Click  Internet Pharmacy Response for more information.

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